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I passed!

I passed my test, so I am officially a certified pharmacy technician. No more studying!

And in other news, my graduation is tomorrow, so I'll be back to posting regularly after that.

Exam time, eek!

I take my pharmacy tech exam on Thursday, so that's why I haven't been around much. That, and finally getting back into the pharmacy after all the CVS training finished. I'm going crazy studying because I need to pass this exam. I'll probably get back to regular updating after next week is over, since the exam is Thursday and my graduation is Friday.

Hope everyone is well.

And thank you to mikesmaddie for the snail. :D

Shopping fever

I have been doing nothing for the past two days except studying for my exam, which I'm not even sure when I'm taking it yet, and sleeping, it feels like. I randomly found a site that gives me more practice questions, about 300 more than I had, so it's been keeping me busy. I still need to set up a study session with my teacher because there's a lot of things that I cannot remember from the class that I know will be on the test. Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

On a completely random note, I am looking for pictures to hang in my room. I am renovating the entire room and I just replaced the bedding and curtains, but now I need new art. Something creepy, but not gory. Etsy has become by best friend lately. Mostly because you don't have to bid on something like with eBay.

And I'm off to shop again. Someone stop me before my bank account starts crying.

Massive update. Yikes!

Proper update, a long time coming.

School: School was finished as of Monday. I was in a local vocational college to become a pharmacy technician. I went though almost a year in-class and then 240 hours on an externship site, which was CVS for me. I finished the hours Monday and they decided to hire me. I am so excited! I sent in my application for the Board of Pharmacy today and will be taking my exam to become certified within the month. After 5 years of school and jumping around with majors, I'm glad to be done and in a field I can enjoy and know jobs are available in. Graduation is next month too!

Work: Part I listed above. I quit my retail job two weeks ago, before knowing in CVS would hire me. I think my manager was going nuts and letting the power go to her head. She treated me and the other manager like shit and I'm glad to be done with that place. I'll miss a few of my co-workers, but I'll live with calling them then living in hell there.

Family: Oh man, where do I begin? I saw my dad for the first time in years a couple months back and that was amazing! He came with my uncle and two cousins who I haven't seen in 10+ years. I've talked to him all the time, but not seen him. He moved to Big Bear, so I will have to wait until the snow and weather clear up before I go to see him.

My aunt is still not doing so good. She can't keep food down anymore. She's been put in the hospital a few times because she's so weak. The cancer is in her bones, spine, and stomach. She's showing signs of being in the last stages and even her doctor only gave her two months tops right now.

Me: I've lost a ton of weight recently, due to be so stressed out. The doctor put me on antidepressants though, so it's getting better. I do feel slightly happier not commuting to my old job and worry about school.

*deep breath* Okay, that's all out. I'll post some rat pictures tomorrow because it's been too long since I've put any up.

How is everyone doing? Long time, no talk!

Back? IDEK

I always say this, but I think I may stick around LJ from now on. My life has majorly calmed down (for the most part) and I think getting things out on a regular basis may keep me sane. I have no idea.


30 Day Ship: Day 1

Stolen from trustingno1.

Day 01 - What is your current favourite ship?

Frank/Gerard. They make their own slash. Seriously.

Rest of the DaysCollapse )
So I think I'm doing Nanowrimo this year. Yikes? I have a mini plot thought out, so if it gets good enough, I'll do it. If not, I may still do it and add stuff as I go along. I don't even know.


Went to go see my aunt today. The outcome is not going to be good. The cancer has spread to her bones and spine. She's too weak to do anything for herself, so we're looking into an assisted-living type thing for her. Right now we have a 24-hour nurse, but it's just not working out. My other aunt is basically taking care of her, but it's so tiring for her. Chemo has been stopped for now, and she's on oral cancer meds. She's also had a blood transfusion, so things aren't going too well.

I need to go to the doctor myself soon because I think I might have depression. Everyone I explain the symptoms to agree with me about it. I just hate having to go through all this right now. Getting into a new college and getting a new job was suppose to make things better, not worse.

Now that I've depressed everyone else, I can go back to sleep. This is my last day off in awhile. I better enjoy it.

Can it get any worse?

Long time no update again.

Mom got married, aunt is back in the hospital, and work in a massive stress-inducing breakdown right now. Things can only get better from here though.

How's everyone else?

Kurt Halsey?

So, I just discovered Kurt Halsey and his work. A little late, I know. But I think they're wonderful! Can anyone link me to a gallery with all his work? Is there even a site that has the complete collection?

Please and thank you!